Compression Stockings

Disorders of the veins are fairly common in people of all ages.

Abnormal vein circulation in the legs, often is the underlying genetic problem that leads to blood clots, leg pain, swelling and varicose veins.

There are surgical vein treatments; however, vascular surgeon, Dr. John Kingsley recommends wearing compression stockings to protect yourself from developing vein disorders.

He says, the stockings' pressure from the ankle up to the knee helps push the blood back up to circulate to the heart.

Dr. John Kingsley of the Alabama Vascular & Vein Center says, "They help keep the accumulation of fluid in your lower leg. Every time I step, my muscle contracts the pressure keeps the fluid coming up. So I don't get an achy leg by the end of the day, after 10, 12, 14 hours."

Compression stockings do come in fashionable colors too.

Dr. Kingsley says it's better to wear the knee-high compression stockings.

He finds the 20/30 pressure stockings, more than tolerable.#