Concerns about brush overgrowth on Carson Road

This story deals with responsibility. Something neither Jefferson County nor the City of Fultondale seems ready to shoulder. The problem concerns a stretch of Carson Road that runs from Highway 79 to Fultondale. Summer growth of brush and weeds has become a real safety concern. Drivers can't see what's coming.{}{}Carson Road runs through unincorporated Jefferson County and through Fultondale city limits. While governments bicker, people are getting hurt in wrecks along this two lane road.{} People who live near this stretch of road say something needs to be done by someone. Wayne Collins lives near the intersection of Indian Valley Road and Carson Road."People can't see this road because of all the brush and trees," says Collins. "It's so dangerous going out at this intersection. The trees have overgrown it so much that you can't see to get out in the road."Collins is also concerned by a lack of signage on Carson Road.{}In October 2013, a fatal wreck happened{}near the intersection when one driver attempted to pass another. There are double yellow lines on the road to indicate it is a no passing zone.Collins is frustrated. He says he gets the runaround as to which government should maintain the road.{} "Fultondale{}says it's Jefferson County, Jefferson County says it's Fultondale."ABC 33/40's Edward Burch stopped by Fultondale city hall, but was told no one was available to speak with him.{} He then went to Jefferson County commissioner Joe Knight. Carson Road is in his district.{} Knight said, "When there's an issue and everyone stands around saying 'it's not my road,' 'I can't touch it,' I'm not going to do anything,' then that hurts the citizens."Earlier this week, Jefferson County Commission voted to fix potholes on Carson Road.{} That decision caused some friction among commissioners and county manager Tony Petelos. Petelos contends budget constraints prohibit the county from maintaining all through roads. Commission president David Carrington agrees. Carrington said, "The county commission prior to this county commission made a decision that they wouldn't do through roads. That was before we lost the occupational tax."However, commissioner Knight believes the county's exit out of bankruptcy may open the door to hire workers to maintain Carson Road and other through roads.{} "We're going to talk to the receiver and see if there's any type of temporary fix we can get. I would envision us eventually, probably maintaining it."{}Commissioner Knight could not give a timetable as to when the county may hire workers to maintain through roads.{}Of course, we know there has been friction between county commission and county receiver Ronald Sims. So, until then, drive safe.