Concerns over I-20 Eastbound repaving

Months of headaches on local interstates start at midnight. It's because of re-surfacing work.

I-20 Eastbound will close from the I-59/20 split all the way to I-459. westbound lanes will remain open.

State transportation leaders say the best bypass is to take I-59 to 459, then go south to re-join I-20. While it will be a big headache for drivers, it could also be a roadblock for businesses.

"I come in like 5:00 in the morning." Tuesday's commute will be even earlier for the manager of this Chevron on Highway 78. He usually takes the interstate to work, but exits 130 to 136 on I-20 Eastbound will be closed. Naussa Litstwala says, I've got to wake up earlier to see what's going on when I get over here."

The repaving on I-20 has many wondering where people will go. Litswala says "I think it will be busy over here. The road will be closed over there, but the traffic will be moving from here. So I think it will be ok, but you never know."

ALDOT suggests drivers take the Interstate detour up I-59 to I-459 S.. to get back on I-20. ALDOT Engineer, Brian Davis, "If everyone jumped on Hwy 78 in Irondale or Hwy 11 in Trussville, you could shut the area down and make it hard for police and fire."

Some businesses aren't sure how this will impact them right now.

"It's going to be rough." But those like Scott Vanhorn, who drive I-20 often for business, will have to plan routes differently for the next 3 months. "It's going to put me in a time crunch more than I'm already in."

ALDOT says traffic on the detour will increase about 10 to 15-thousand vehicles a day.. so drivers are encouraged to leave early and expect delays.