Concord Elementary cuts ribbon to new school

With a snip of the scissors, the new Concord Elementary School is official.

"We have been looking forward to this for so long," Principal Lynn Vines said.

Vines is appreciative of the $14 million that helped build her new school.

"We couldn't do it without that [money]," she said. "Schools just don't have the funds for capital improvements like this without that help."

The help of a one cent tax increase implemented years ago by the Jefferson County Commission.

Superintendent Dr. Stephen Nowlin says he is thankful for the $400 million that tax increase raised.

"The bond fund money was fantastic for the schools," Nowlin said. "There is absolutely no way in our life time we could ever have built that many schools just by borrowing money."

With the $400 million, Jefferson County Schools built six new high schools, two middle schools and three elementary schools. The rest of the money was used to repair or renovate other schools that needed work.

The real winners at Concord Elementary are the students who say they love their new school.

"This school's bigger than the other one," 5th Grader, Evan Salter, said.

"This school is way bigger," 4th Grader, Maleigha Shivers, said.

The school is bigger. It has more computer labs, a larger lunchroom and larger classrooms.

"We want it to last a long time and for it to stay the way it is," Shivers said.

"It's just neater and cleaner," 2nd Grader, Wyatt Mattson, said.

Out with the old, in with the new...while keeping that same school spirit.

"When you walk in an elementary school, what you're looking for is warm and fuzzy," Dr. Nowlin said. "And Concord's warm and fuzzy."

Nowlin says Jefferson County Schools is already looking at how to fund more future projects. He says the system would like to build two new elementary schools, one high school and, possibly, one middle school.