Confidence up among job seekers

Americans' confidence is back!

A majority of American workers now believes they can find a new job if necessary. The results can be found in the latest "general social survey", a long standing, well respected public opinion poll.{}

The just released 2012 information shows 54% of Americans polled believe it would be very easy or somewhat easy to find a job if they lost theirs.{}

In 2010, only 46% felt that way, the lowest the country had seen since 1983.{}{}{}{}

Last year, only 11% of Americans were afraid they'd lose their job. That number is down from 16% from two years ago.{}

One surprising statistic. More Americans than ever before in this survey define themselves as in the "lower class."

LaTonya Roy was let go from her job earlier this month. It's been years since she's had to interview for any position.{} But that's not going to dampen her spirit.

"It's been a full time job, looking for a full-time job," says Roy. "I'm looking forward to putting my resume out to (employers). I'm looking forward to interviews, the calls that I get back asking me for an interview. So, I'm very confident about it."

Roy, along with hundreds of other job seekers met with potential employers at the Pelham Civic Center on Thursday.

Many lined up before the fair started.

George Omaish has been looking for a job for two years now. Despite the challenges, his confidence and determination keep him on the hunt."It's been really hard. I'm just hoping the economy will pick up and things will get better," Omaish says. "It felt good going out, looking for a job, networking with people. Trying to see what I can find."Renee Jackson works for Employment Seeker, which hosted the job fair. Jackson says the confidence in these job seekers stems from employers."(Employers) have stepped up their hiring, just based on the fact they have positions that have come open, and due to the fact that the economy is growing."