Conquer Cancer Run a Success!

It is called the Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run.... But it is really designed for everyone who has been touched by cancer.

A big year, a big success... But the true meaning of the race was to help each other and encourage one another... And that too was abundant.

Just seeing the smiles, the sweat from the runners and walkers... Was inspiring...

Ninety-thousand dollars was raised to help fight cancer and ease the suffering of those battling the disease.

This year teams took part and raised big money together.

I like that word together... Because I believe it is together we will help find a cure.

Individually it's hard to accomplish big things. But by working together and raising money to defeat a killer named cancer... We can help save lives and help prevent the suffering of many families.

Thank you to everyone involved in the run.

Tell your friends and start planning your team for next year!

Together, we can conquer cancer!