Conquer Cancer Run Update!

{}{} Today I really got excited about what the 7th Annual Conquer Cancer Run means.{} In baseball terms, it's covering all the bases.{} It is raising money to fight cancer through early detection and education.{}

{}{}{} In a light drizzle at St. Vincent's 119 the American Cancer Society Junior Executive Board and I recorded the latest promo to ask people to join us in the fight against cancer.{}

{}{} Even though we got a little wet and it was cold, I could see the determination in their eyes too!{} We all want to put a stop to cancer, so that the next generation doesn't have to go through the heartache the disease can bring.

{}{} Back to the bases.{} This event is important for survivors to be encouraged as well as caretakers and family member of cancer victims.{} There is something comforting about talking to another person{} who has shared the same road.

{}{} It's also a reminder that staying fit and keeping the weight down can also help prevent cancer.{} For those battling cancer studies find exercise helps them live a more comfortable, productive and prolonged life.

{}The race will also help spread encouragement to those fighting right now that they are not alone.{} With each step we take in the race it will be devoted to those who can{} not run with us.{} My steps are dedicated to those in chemo chairs.{}

{} Join us rain or shine on January 29th.{} After all, we'll have a fun area for children, information from medical professionals, 99 dollar mammograms and don't forget the free food!

See you at the race!