Consumer warning on home security products and services

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and the Electronic Security Board of Licensure is warning consumers to be cautious when purchasing security systems.

Tis the season. During the summer months consumers need to be aware of unscrupulous solicitations and pressure tactics used to try to frighten an individual into buying or upgrading security products and services that may not be needed.

Wednesday morning, Attorney General Luther Strange joined with the Electronic Security Board of Licensure to warn consumers to be cautious. The Board has received reports of problems. Strange said, "Consumers who are considering the purchase or installation of a security system or locks should check with the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure to see if the company has a license and if any problems have been reported."

Be aware if a high pressure sales person uses scare tactics in trying to make a sale, such as: claiming that recent burglaries have occurred in the neighborhood or saying thieves are cutting phone wires in an effort to get people to buy a cellular security system.

Consumers should ask to see an identification bade that is from the Alabama Electronic SEcurity Board of Licensure and not just from the business itself. Confirm that the ID badge is for the current year.

Consumers may contact the Board at 1-866-302-3725 and information is available online at Contact the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection at 1-800-392-5658.