Contractors for Jefferson County waiting on payment


ABC 33/40 has learned that several contractors that provide aid to senior citizens of Jefferson County have not received full payment for their work. {}The organizations are contracted through the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizen Services.{}Some agencies, who've asked we not identify them, said they were forced to front money to meet operating costs. {}Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos said the county plans to meet its financial obligations. He said personnel issues are what caused contracts to lapse.{}{} {}{}"We have our director who retired earlier this year. We were not able to put an interim director in until late this summer and when the interim director got there we learned those contracts were about to expire," said Petelos.{}Jefferson County commissioners approved the payment of nearly $200,000 to several contractors in the latter part of 2013 but some of those contractors said there is still a balance.{}Petelos said the backlog is one the county is actively working on and plans to resolve.{}