Controversial abortion display stirs controversy on UA campus

{}{} One of the most controversial displays to protest abortion was shown on the University of Alabama quad Wednesday.

{}{} The 'Genocide Awareness Project' shows actual bloody-aborted fetuses and in multiple ways stresses their size and level of development.{} Most were to graphic to show on TV and some U.A. students said the photos had no place on a public campus.

{}{}{} "Just think of the victims who have had abortions and if they're walking by that -- that could affect them in a way that is past free speech," Katie Howard expressed with frustration after walking past the display.

{}{}{}{} Bama Students for Life invited the Center For Bio-Ethical Reform Abortion to bring the display to campus.{} "Abortion supporters get upset when they see our photos because a lot of times they realize what abortion is," says Claire Chretien, who is president of the Student Pro Life group.

{}{}{} But, it is the 'genocide' element that opponents take serious issue with.{} Some of the signs liken abortion to lynchings, even the{}Holocaust.{} That left the head of a Jewish{}fraternity on campus fuming. "Someone dying in a gas chamber is not the same as someone in a doctors office and having an abortion. That's the same as me making comparison to my teacher telling me to take my hat off in class here and call him Hitler out here."

{}{} A representative with Bama Students for Life responded saying "the unborn are being targeted for their size or their level of development, their degree of{}{}{} dependency and Jews were targeted because of their religion during the Holocaust. So I think you can absolutely equate the two."

{}{}The controversial display prompted one professor to bring out his class which is learning how to make an argument to the display.{} He denounced the display as educational.{} However, some pro life students such as Jessica Holt says the 'genocide project' is a fair show of opinion.{} "I'm glad they're there because it's the truth and I just think it will make more of a lasting impression..."