Controversial decision to show film reversed

A decision not to show a Norwegian based film about teenage girls exploring their sexuality has{} been reversed.{} The Tuscaloosa Arts Council says it will now be a part of its July showings at the Bama Theatre.

The movie met controversy after two church pastors launched opposition to film and complained to city leaders.

'Turn me on Dammit no doubt has some racy scenes.{} Its about three teen girls on a quest to experience{} sex and ultimately make a choice.

"I really didn't see it coming, I recommend movies for them all the time, " said Soapy Jones. Jones was to sponsor the movie for the Tuscaloosa Arts Council to be shown at the Bama Theatre.{} "15, 16, 17 year old girls that are coming of age and they have hormones and they have to deal with that and answer for that."

Jones says she believes its a simple common movie theme.{} But, pastors of two Northport Churches, New Beginning and Christ Harbor see it differently.{} In a recording on the New Beginning's website, the pastor says "Everytime you see somebody with their clothes off -- there's a demon behind that. You need to remember that when you watch TV. You say it's a good movie."

The pastors declined to comment to ABC 33/40 and instead referred us to Tuscaloosa and Northport's mayors who encouraged the Arts Council not show the film.

Although, they agreed to do so, the Arts Council said in a{} statement, "Its intention was not to offend anyone."

Regarding the ministers, Jones maintains "Its hard to say what one person would be offended by and what other people wouldn't be. I think really the point for me is -- they don't have to go see it."