Controversial Westboro group planning UA protest

{}{} Westboro{}Baptist Church , {}nationally known for what some call insensitive christian views especially toward{}homosexuals{}is planning a protest at the University of Alabama{}on May 18th.{}

{}{}{} The planned picketing is advertised on the group's web site which really speaks the heart of hits members.

{} "Westboro can look at a tree and find something wrong with it. They find something wrong with everything," says Clay Killgore -- a U. A. student.

{}{}{} Word that protestors plans to show up at U. A.{}is spreading fast. Some say the organization has a freedom of speech.{} So, counter protests are in the works. But, others say they if WBC shows up they plan to ignore what they call silliness.{} "It takes away the hate. I mean, they are just trying to provoke people for reaction and if you don't give them the attention they want they'll go away," says Matt Hussong.

{}{}{} In its web ad, Westboro says its coming to U. A. with a message that the 2011 tornado was God's wake up call because (quote) of "campuses that stink of idolatrous fornicating."{} The group has even accused schools like U. A. of idolizing football.

{}{} Clay Kilgore says WBC takes it way too far. "I do put football as more important than it should be. But, the whole love of football too much being caused by a tornado is pretty ridiculous but I don't agree and the God hates fags and soldier and its just far fetched."

{}{}{} "They're clearly like we're going on a tour of all these colleges -- we're going to hate on some people so the more people that stand up on them and just acknowledge them the less they have to go on and they'll start losing money and they'll go away," Hussong added.