Convicted rapist sentencing; Baldwin County man to serve life plus 20 years

Giuseppe LoPorto sent 15 years running from U.S. law enforcement before his capture in 2012.

Prosecutorsin Baldwin County say 80 year old Giuseppe LoPorto, a convicted child rapist,has been sentenced to three life sentences plus two consecutive 10 year terms.

Accordingto the District Attorney's Office, LoPorto repeatedly abused a female relative overan eight year period that began in the late 1980's when the victim was 6

It tookthe jury only an hour to find LoPorto guilty of two counts of sexual abuse, twocounts of sodomy, and one count of rape.

LoPorto wasarrested in 1996 and fled the country after posting bond.{} He was featured on "America's MostWanted" in 2002 and was finally apprehended by Italian officials in 2012.