Cooking grease drop off locations

Thanksgiving Day turkeys and trimmings often leave behind quite a bit of grease. Pouring it down the sink could cost Jefferson County thousands of dollars, so people are being asked to recycle it.{}

Grease is the number one reason for sewage backups because it clogs pipes when it cools. Instead of dumping it into the sink, county leaders are asking people to put it into a sealed container and drop it off at a recycling center.

"This is a great way to keep it out of the sewer treatment plants to keep the pipes clean and to keep us from having to make these emergency calls that cost thousand of dollars to go clean those pipes," said Jefferson County manager Tony Petelos who oversaw a similar program as mayor of Hoover.

The county is only accepting edible oil products- no fuel or motor oil. It can be left at a recycling center in your own sealed, non-glass container or in one of the county's.

Drop off locations include Adamsville Pharmacy, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Bessemer Fire Station #3, Bessemer Recycling Center, The Pointe Apartments in Centerpoint, Gardendale Fire Station #1, Homewood City Works building, Hueytown City Hall, Jefferson County re-fueling station at 2420 8th Avenue North, Leeds Fire Station #2, Midfield Fire Station, Pinson City Hall, Tarrant City Hall, Trussville Fire Stations #1, 2,3 and UAB Campus at 620 11th Street South.