Cooper Green Mercy Hospital Rally

On Tuesday, the fate of Cooper Green Mercy Hospital could be decided. Dozens of people made their voices heard Saturday hoping to save it during a rally in Linn Park.From patients like Cedric Hatcher{} who says "It's wrong, wrong, wrong to even consider shutting down inpatient care at Cooper Green Hospital." To concerned citizens like Helen Rivas who says{} "Closing Cooper Green is going to affect the immigration community because many are low income."Even State, City and Jefferson County leaders chimed in during a rally to save Cooper Green. Jefferson County Commissioner George Bowman says "We cannot close the hospital that's been open for 50 years providing service to the public."

Commissioner Bowman says he was shocked about last Tuesday's 3 to 2 committee vote to discontinue inpatient care within a month's time and place that item on this Tuesday's agenda."We've been working with Cooper Green to sure up their controls and make sure they're operating in an effective manner, but there was never put on the table a vote to close Cooper Green before this point Tuesday."Bowman says he supports Birmingham Mayor William Bell, who filed a lawsuit Friday, against the County Commission to stop them from closing the hospital.In a statement released by County Commission President David Carrington, he says "This case cannot proceed in the state court because it is subject to the automatic stay that arose when the County filed its bankruptcy petition. "He also says "Only the County Commission can approve a healthcare authority and or transfer assets."Meanwhile, protestors are hoping they're strategy to rally support at Tuesday's meeting will make a difference.The meeting is set to begin at 9:00 a.m.

Carrington says inpatient care is too much of a burden to bear. He says the hospital has more than 500 budgeted positions for around 35 patients a night. County Manager Tony Petelos is compiling data for a presentation on Tuesday before the vote.