Cooper Green supporters plan to protest outside MLK Unity breakfast

Supporters of Cooper Green Mercy Hospital plan to protest outside Birmingham's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity breakfast next week. Advocates are protesting the closing of the hospital's{}inpatient unit and emergency room.

"We feel like if Dr. King and Fred Shuttlesworth were alive today, they'd be there with us," said Representative John Rogers, (D) Birmingham. "We're not going anywhere."

Rep. Rogers said hospital advocates will protest at every event planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement.

Bishop Calvin Woods, president of the Birmingham chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, has asked Cooper Green supporters to reconsider.

"I'm not against picketing and protesting against things that they feel{}are illegal and wrong, but I hope that they wouldn't picket at the Unity breakfast," said Bishop Woods. "But that is their constitutional right do to it."

The breakfast is planned for Jan. 21 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.