Copper Top Latest

We're learning more about what exactly happened the night of the Copper Top shooting.Nathan Van Wilkins, the accused shooter, made his first court appearance Wednesday and with that came new details about how the events unfolded.

We have a copy of 20 depositions giving us some new insight on what happened inside Copper Top and what police found during their investigation.

All 17 victims injured inside Copper Top along with the bar's owner have their name on a deposition sheet along with an account of what happened. According to Tuscaloosa police, an unidentified man approached the bar and fired one shot before shooting people as they exited the building. After receiving information Nathan Wilkins was the possible shooter, they went to his house in the Buckhead Subdivision in Northport and the doors were open. Inside, they found Wolf Brand ammunition, the same type police found at Copper Top. While police were there investigating, Wilkins turned himself in at a Fed Ex store in Jasper.{} The news has shocked his neighbors.{} Rhett Madden says "This is an incredible side of town and to find out someone in my neighborhood committed this awful crime, I'm angry."

Wilkins is also connected to a separate shooting in Northport, that happened 30 minutes before the attack at the Copper Top bar.{} According to the victim's deposition, a man knocked on his door and said he had a delivery. When he opened the door, the man pointed a gun at him. The victim then told police, he turned to run and was shot and the man started firing several rounds into the house.{} Police say the shell casings were compared to those at the bar and were fired from the same gun.

The spokesman for DCH Regional Medical Center says three of the victims were released Wednesday. One person is still in critical condition.