Copper Top Bar suspect supposedly asking for Death Penalty

Nathan Wilkins

{}{}{}{} Nathan Wilkins, the 46-year-old suspect whom police say shot 18 people last July at the Copper Top Bar in downtown Tuscaloosa and one other in Northport is apparently{}asking to die.

{}{}{}{} According to a{}letter supposedly written by Wilkins, dated April 22, 2013 and{} filed in court yesterday, Wilkins says he doesn't believe{}he can get a fair trial in{}Tuscaloosa and{}wants{} Circuit Judge Brad Almond to go ahead sentence him to Death.

{}{}{}{}Wilkins says his reasons is because he's been denied a change of public defender.{} Earlier this year Wilkins wrote the lawyer appointed to represent him in his opinion has assumed him to be guilty and requested a new attorney.

{}{}{} In the April letter, Wilkins goes on to say prosecutors are seeking life without parole for him because{}no one died in the Copper Top shootings.{} But, he says he wouldn't be able to bear "being away from my family and grand kids for life."

{}{}{}{} Wilkins also states he's sorry and although its unclear specifically what he's referring to -- he says he hopes the "incident brings attention to sleeping pills, especially Ambien, before it ruins someone else's life."

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