Cordova throws a pre-demolition block party

Nearly two years ago tornadoes devastated the city of Cordova. Damage still remains an eyesore in the close knit community. But change is on the way and to celebrate, the city held a pre-demolition block party giving closure to residents and helping them move forward.

Demolition will begin at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning on Main Street.

There are{}a lot of memories on Main Street in Cordova. "This is our home and this is our memory," says Renee Jacks.

Some people have lived in the city their whole lives, like Joseph Holdbrooks. "It's a sad day, I went half way up, as far as I could go.. It hurt."

Kenneth Bruner says, "It's a constant punch in the gut every time we drive by to our house we see it."

Emotions are still running deep since the tornadoes destroyed the heart of downtown nearly two years ago. But for one last time people could walk down this street, among the bricks and shattered glass. Some took pictures, knowing Tuesday these buildings would be coming down.

Holdbrooks says, "I think it's going to be real good for everyone."

Community spirit is high with change on the way to re-vitalize Cordova. Mayor Drew Gilbert says, "We're without every basic need of a city right now and with that Hurricane Sandy Bill that's been passed down through Congress, we think there's a lot of funds at the state level that we're going to be able to approach."

On Main Street, there are plans to build a new city hall. Mayor Gilbert says, "We want a walk able downtown."

JeRay Nalls says,"I really want my library back, I'm a huge book worm." The 11-year old-may get his wish. Other necessities like a police and fire building are priorities too.

Mayor Gilbert says, "It's going to be a puzzle we put together for a decade or so."

As for Renee Jacks, she says "Seeing it like this. It's heartbreaking, but we're going to be bigger and we're going to be better."

The mayor says construction will begin on a new grocery store near Main Street in July. He hopes businesses will also want to move back to downtown Cordova once they see all the progress being made.