Cordova Demolition Underway

Demolition got underway in Cordova Tuesday. (

Large machinery began tearing down old buildings in Cordova's downtown district Tuesday morning.{}

The main street structures were severely damaged after tornadoes swept through the area almost two years ago.{}"Obviously this has been a longtime coming for us because we have been waiting for two years for closure just from what the devastation was down here," said Drew Gilbert, Mayor of Cordova.{}Money for the project wasn't approved by FEMA until earlier this year.{}People who gathered to watch the demolition watched as their memories fell to the ground.{}"It kind of makes me sad on one token and happy on the other," said Sheri Phillips, who lives in Cordova.{}Another bystander shared his thoughts.{}{}{}"I worked in Cordova Drug since September of 99'. So, I opened that door they just demolished and closed it a lot and locked it back everyday," said Eric Short. {}The demolition will give way to new facilities for the city's government and emergency services. {}Construction on a new grocery store is slated for the summer. ABC 33/40 has also learned the project will take roughly 60 days to complete.{}