Cordova meeting ends quickly

The town of Cordova now has a long term recovery planning contract with FEMA. The city council passed the resolution tonight in a special called meeting. That contract will put FEMA at the helm of Cordova's rebuilding efforts with a team of experts, but the residents there were expecting much more.

They wanted answers to questions about building permits. They wanted to know how this contract with FEMA would help them. They also wanted to talk about the trailer ban, but what they got was a brief meeting.. and no solutions. The meeting lasted less than five-minutes, and that upset some of the townspeople.

"Because they ain't got no help here. Look at all these people. Asking for help, and they can't get none," Herman Tidwell told reporters.

For his part, Mayor Jack Scott said it was a "good meeting" and wouldn't answer any other questions.

"I reckon he's just cold-hearted. He don't care about the folks," said Randy Stacks.

Councilman Theodore Branch says the Council discussed the FEMA contract last week, and that resolution was the only item on the agenda this week.

"I was expecting more. Let me put it that way. Ok? That's all I know to say. I was expecting more than just this."

Some may have come expecting more talk about FEMA trailers, but that on-going argument could be much ado about just a handful of folks. Sources tell us very few people even qualified for the trailers.

"They claim that it only affects a couple of people. Jack Scott said in a newspaper article two. Three at the most," said founder, Warren Tidwell.

We asked the mayor about that off camera this afternoon. He told ABC33/40 to talk to FEMA. FEMA told us to talk to AL-EMA. The state would only say that there are very few people still needing help with finding a place to live. The state also sent an e-mail telling us to talk to FEMA.