Cordova Police start programs for seniors

When we find ourselves in trouble, often times we pick up the phone and dial 911. But there's a new program in Cordova where the police are making the calls. It's called Good Morning, and it aims to check in daily on seniors and adults with disabilities.

The Good Morning program started April 9 but the police department is looking for more people to register for that program as an Alzheimer's registration program.

"The community relies on us and we can do good things for the community and interact, so that they don't feel like we're just out to harass people. We are truly there and committed to the citizens of Cordova," Smith says.

In the Alzheimer's registration program, the police will ask relatives to provide a picture of the Alzheimer's patient as well as his or her address and emergency contact information. These resources can help if a patient is missing.

For more information, please call the Cordova Police Department at (205) 483-7378.