Could tensions overseas mean a shortage in ammo?

The crisis in Crimea is sending shock through some American gun owners. President Barack Obama is ruling out military involvement in the dispute, but he says U.S. allies will put pressure on Russia to reach a diplomatic solution. Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula this week despite warnings from the west. The uncertainty overseas has raised fears among many U.S. gun owners about a possible threat to their ammo supply.

Gun aficionado websites debate whether there will be a shortage. "" claims a shortage is happening already, while "" states the claims are "bogus.""We've had no word that it will cease, there is no trade embargo," Shane Thomas, Birmingham Pistol Wholesale said.While there's been no official word of a shortage or even a threat of one, that hasn't stopped Central Alabama gun owners from stocking up just in case."We had an increase in demand for 762x39 ammo," Thomas said.Birmingham Pistol Wholesale {}in Trussville has found several customers, even local retailers, ordering extra ammo."You're talking about selling from business to business and it's because of the individual demand in their stores that they ran out and they're looking to us to help supply it," Thomas said.He told us, the type of ammo for the semi and automatic weapons is made in Russia and the Ukraine - even Hungary. Whether we see a shortage or not, stores are trying to stay stocked."Every time something is out in the news, we have the situation in Ukraine, people want to run out and purchase what they think is not going to be there tomorrow," Thomas said.


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