Pantene releases 'Not Sorry' video as part of Shine Strong campaign against women over-apologizing

Pantene evolves its global Shine Strong campaign with the launch of the global Shine Strong Fund and a new thought-provoking video that tackles a common but unconscious behavior many women engage in everyday: over-apologizing. (Photo via Business Wire)

Hair care brand Pantene's newest commercial asks a question that points out a difference between how men and women see themselves. The commercial shows women apologizing for everything. Women apologize to colleagues, to family, even to total strangers. The apology comes before the woman even says what she is thinking. The new ad in the "Shine Strong" campaign by Pantene asks why.Kevin Crociata is Pantene's marketing director. He told Adweek, "We used market research to look at what gender norms were holding women back and tried to tap into the most relevant and insightful areas. This problem of saying sorry, it wasn't just something women in the U.S. were facing but globally."Women who simply say what is on their mind without apologizing beforehand demonstrate more confidence and more conviction.Count the number of times in a day you begin a conversation with the words, "I'm sorry." Then ask yourself if that apology was necessary. Did it weaken your words before they were ever spoken?{}Pantene brand is launching the "Shine Strong Fund," which is designed to educate and enable women to overcome bias and societal expectations. The fund will provide women with resources in the following areas:College Grants Program: Beginning in August 2014, students will apply for the AAUW and Pantene Shine Strong Campus Action Project (CAP) grant program. The program is designed to challenge women student leaders on college campuses throughout the country to initiate change and tackle harmful gender biases and stereotypes that permeate our culture. Grants will be awarded spring in the semester and Grantees will present their work at AAUW and NASPA's National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in June 2015. Professional Training Programs: Pantene will provide professional women with various tools and resources for bias awareness and prevention, including a monthly web chat series, hosted by female leaders from across several industries, to help them succeed in the workplace. Giving Back in the Community: The Pantene Beautiful Lengths program is one way the brand will connect with women in the community. Pantene provides free, real-hair wigs to women undergoing cancer treatment to help them feel and look like themselves and overcome some of the biases associated with cancer. More details about the Shine Strong campaign can be found at
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