County School Board's new home almost ready

{}{}{} Tuscaloosa county's school board is 'moving on up'.

{}{}{}{} In just a few weeks, Central Office staff will move into the old Federal Building downtown.

{}{}{}{} Tuesday, ABC 33/40 got an exclusive{}sneak-peak inside.{}{} Workers are converting the once highly-secured court building into a public facility.

{}{}{}{} The court room itself has been re-purposed as the school board's new meeting room.{}{} The old federal judge's office will become the superintendents office.

{}{}{}{} Overall{}, it will bring the school system's operations under one roof.{} "Right now, we have some of our departments in Northport and different places.{} We're going to be able to consolidate those departments in one building as well as give enough space for those departments as well.{} that's going to be the biggest advantage for us," says school board member Mark Nelson.

{}{}{}{} Workers will official begin moving in after Memorial Day, May 27th.