Court hearing for man accused of using missing Bessemer man's credit card.

William Lee Worley had his first preliminary hearing in a Bessemer Courtroom Tuesday. He's accused of using a missing man's credit card.Worley has been in jail on a 15-thousand dollar bond. Authorities say the credit card belonged to 42-year-old Jerry Wayne Dailey whose been missing since November.Dailey's family was in the courtroom. His sister says Worley was friends with her brother and believes he might know something about his disappearance. The family hopes someone will come forward with information.Tina says " If anybody knows anything in this Bessemer area. If anybody has a connection to this, somebody saw something, please tell somebody, we really need closure it's been two months yesterday. My parents are hurting, our family is hurting." According to Worley's attorney Mathew Gosney, his client found the credit card outside his residence and didn't know it was connected to a missing person. Gosney says Worley's case is being waved to a Grand Jury.