Co-workers describe autism center shooting victim as "kind and compassionate"

Birmingham Police are questioning a man they believe shot and killed his wife at her office. It happened just after 2 p.m. Friday at the Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Center near Liberty Park. Now, detectives want to know why it happened. A heartbreaking and frightening day for workers at Glenwood Inc.."It was pinpointed," Lt. Sean Edwards, Birmingham Police said. "He knew exactly who he wanted to shoot."According to police, the husband of a long time maintenance worker drove up to Glenwood's maintenance building, went inside his wife's office and fatally shot her with a handgun."Birmingham Fire and Rescue came to the scene and treated the woman here on the scene but unfortunately she died from her injuries," Lt. Edwards said. "The individual came straight into the building walked right in without notifying anybody and committed his act."\{}The suspect - described as her estranged husband - ended up in Irondale. Police there tell us the 51-year-old car-jacked someone driving near the shooting scene. That driver stopped at Jack's on Crestwood Boulevard, got out of the car and called police. They arrested the suspect walking along Montclair Road."The staff member worked for us for over 15 years and was recently recognized for her service," Lee Yount, CEO, Glenwood Inc. said. "She was kind, compassionate, and helpful to everyone. She worked in our auxiliary department, which includes maintenance, housekeeping, laundry and food services.""We're thankful no one else was injured, was hurt and glad everyone could exit and notify police," Edwards said.No other employees or people served at the autism center were ever in any danger, according to Yount. Charges have not yet been filed. Police have not released the identities of the victim or suspect.