Jefferson Co. burglary suspect arrested after attempting to sell stolen items on Craigslist

Edmond Patrick Nelson, Jr.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale will hold a news conference at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday to discuss a recent stolen property case involving a Craigslist posting.{}

Sheriff deputies were called to a home in the 5000 block of Rosser Farms Drive in McCalla on July 2 to investigate a burglary. Upon arriving, they determined there were break-ins at two newly-built homes, where furniture and appliances were stolen.

Deputies were later contacted by a home builder representative, who told them that it appeared that some of the stolen items were being advertised for sale on Craigslist.{} The same representative called to inquire about the items for sale and was told that they were still available, as well as other items that weren't listed in the original ad.

Deputies then used an undercover agent to contact the seller to set up a meeting to purchase the stolen items at a mini storage facility in Hueytown.{}

The suspect and an accomplice arrived at the agreed upon meeting location with appliances loaded on a truck and deputies proceeded to surround the vehicle before taking both people into custody.

One of the items found on the truck -- a stainless steel gas range -- was confirmed to be stolen from one of the aforementioned homes.

Edmond Patrick Nelson, Jr. of Bessemer was arrested charged with receiving stolen property.{} He was taken to the Jefferson County Jail, where he was later released on a $45,000 bond.

After executing a search warrant at Nelson's home in Bessemer, deputies found several more items believed to have been stolen including new appliances, ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, flat-screen televisions and a dishwasher.{}

Stolen items recovered from Nelson's home by Jefferson County sheriff's deputies. (

Investigators believes there are other accomplices in these burglaries and more charges are expected to be filed.