Crime is down in The Magic City, according to Chief Roper

Birmingham Police Chief A. C. Roper (

Birmingham Police Chief A. C. Roper says crime is down in The Magic City.

Numbers presented to the Birmingham City Council, Tuesday, show overall crime is down 11 percent from 2011.

Roper says auto thefts have decreased by 33 percent, rape cases have declined 30 percent and burglaries have decreased 15 percent. Roper says homicides are staying on average with 2011 numbers, but says that is a small victory because the number of homicides in 2011 were the lowest Birmingham had seen in 40 years.

"Our homicide rate has dropped now over five straight years," Roper said.

Roper says more police patrols in the city's "hotspots" have helped in the decline. He also says police projects have been a big help. But most of all, he says he thanks the communities for all of their support and anti-violence rallies.

"They're getting out, they're praying for us and they're walking through these communities," he said. "They're showing the citizens that they care."

Roper says the latest numbers run in six month periods, from January to June. He says if the months of August and September were to be taken into consideration, the crime number and homicide number would be even lower than 2011.

Other notable numbers say that assaults are down 19 percent, thefts are down 10 percent and robberies have declined 5 percent.