Crime Stoppers October 12: Chance Silver's case needs to be solved

Chance Silver

One man was found dead in his Birmingham apartment. It was 26-year-old Chance Silver.

If you know something about who killed him and why, Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper says you can speak up and lie low.

"I'm Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper.

Chance Silver was only{}23 years old when someone ended his life. His roommate found his body around four on the morning on Saturday, August 24th.

Silver had been shot and was lying in the bedroom of his apartment on the 300{}block of Springs Avenue. A witness told us she heard a gunshot from Silver's apartment around 1 a.m. Investigators didn't find any evidence of forced entry in the apartment. We believe Silver knew his killer.

What we need to know is why someone would take Silver's life? Who was he with in the days leading up to his death, and did he have any friends or enemies who had a grudge?

We understand that when something like this happens, people don't want to talk about what they've heard. But with Crime Stoppers, you have a way to give anonymous information, and your tip will help us keep a killer from killing again.

So go ahead and dial 205-254-7777. We will not record your call. We will not take your name, and Crime Stoppers cannot call you to court to testify. We'll only know you by a code number, and if there's an arrest, you can use that number to claim a cash reward.

So, think about this victim. Think about what you've seen or heard, and give him the justice he deserves.

With Crime Stoppers, I'm Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper."

In addition to telephone tips, you can text a tip by texting the code 7777, along with your tip, to the word CRIMES. Or, you can submit an encrypted tip by going to and clicking on the "submit an online tip" link.

No matter which method you choose, you will remain anonymous.

The cash reward in this case is offered to the first person whose tip leads to an arrest. Even if you receive the cash reward, you still will not have to give your name -- only the code number.

You can reach Crime Stoppers anytime by phone at 205-254-7777 or by texting the word "CRIMES" with your tip to 7777.

To send a tip online, go to and click on the "submit an online tip" link.

NOTE: You will remain anonymous no matter which method you contact Crime Stoppers. Each tipster receives a private code number, which you can use to claim a cash reward should your tip lead to an arrest. Crime Stoppers cannot call tipsters to testify in court.

Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama is a partnership between local law enforcement, the Birmingham Business Alliance and ABC 33/40. Together, our goal is to make our community a safer place to live and work.