Cruise with a Cause

Would you be willing to go on a cruise to Haiti... and visit a prison?

That's just part of the plan for cruise for a cause.

It's a mission trip which includes a carnival cruise ship, three thousand missionaries... and big plans to change lives.


Dr. Matthew Dunaway is the president of Praisefest Ministries. "It's the world's largest mission trip."

The launch date is in June 2014. The cost is five to 800 dollars a person depending on the room size and how many room mates you have.

That includes the food.

But it's not all relaxation... it is a high energy mission trip.

Dr. Matthew Dunaway is a member of North River Church in Tuscaloosa.... he says God called him to this huge undertaking.

Dr. Matthew Dunaway: "We've been to the Bahamas... we've been to Jamaica recently in 2011."

Basically they rent out a Carnival Cruise ship... and take people of many different walks of life to help minister to people of Haiti.

Dr. Matthew Dunaway: "The concept is to put a diverse group of Christian artists together. John 27;23 Jesus said God says the world will know through our unity."

The NBA... is involved he hopes some players will sign up to go.

Already some former professional wrestlers are on board with the project, including Lex Luger.

Steven Curtis Chapman is also signed up to go.

Dr. Dunaway: " We'll go to a 100 schools and orphanages.... new lap tops or ipads software in their ... working on nba taking basketball goals and balls... they don't have a lot of facilities."

The mission includes many facets... there seems to almost be something for everyone interested in going on a mission.

{}Dr. Dunaway: "Go to tent cities water filtration water for life we'll go and visit 8 hospitals... clinics go to 6 different sites construction clean up and paints visit aids hiv 4 prisons take shoes."

They also plan to go into prisons lead by the former pro wrestlers.

Several different denominations are signed up ....

There will be entertainment on board the ship as well as missionary training and Christian conferences.

{}Dr. Dunaway hopes this won't just be a one time cruise for people on the trip.

{}Dr. Dunaway: "They're encouraged to make relationships that team will be linked with a Haitian pastor they can continue going."

{}They are looking to sign up eye doctors... they have eye glasses donated in bulk...

{}Is it primarily people from Tuscaloosa going on the trip?

No, there are more people signed up from around the country right now....

But they are hoping more people from central Alabama will sign up.

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