CT scans helping doctors detect lung cancer early


Noah Monk's wide eyes are just like any boy his age. {}He's mesmerized by action figures and life in general. Behind his smile, however, you'll see a 5 year old in the fight for his life. {}He was diagnosed with lung cancer.{}"He originated with cancer last year. He had the tumor and the kidney removed," said Mary Monk, Noah's mother. "We had CT's and X-rays every 3 months for follow up. {}On our one year anniversary, his CT scan showed a one centimeter mass in his lung."{}{}Doctors at UAB are now using CT scans as a way to identify lung cancer early especially among older adults and those with a history of smoking.{}"We're really excited about this possibility because it would be the first time we've been able to have an effective screening tool," said Dr. Mark Dransfield, Associate Professor at UAB.{}Researchers say the earlier they detect lung cancer the more likely they are to save lives.{} {}"Most of the time, we detect cancer when patients become symptomatic and that tends to be later in the stages meaning we can no longer offer surgery as curative treatment," said Dransfield.{}Although Noah wasn't one of the participants in the study, it was a CT scan that alerted his parents and doctors that the 5 year old had a tumor on his lungs. His parents say in spite of their son's condition, doctors are confident Noah will pull through especially with help from a higher power.{}{}{}To learn more visit this link:{}