Cullman woman wants to bring music venue to city

A Cullman woman is hoping to put her city on{}the music map this year by building a live music venue with a full bar, tap room and brewery on a 10-acre{}lot.

Bethany Seidel wants to place the multi-use indoor-outdoor facility with the capacity to hold approximately 2,000 people off Highway 157 near Interstate 65.

"Ever since I've lived here, to find music to find a place where you can go get craft beer or a great glass of wine or any of those things, I've had to go outside of the county," said Seidel.

But before plans move forward, the city has to rezone the lot as an Entertainment District.

"Everyone I've spoken with personally has said there is a need for this," added Seidel. "But there's also a level of hesitation, too, because it's so unfamiliar to this community."

If approved, Seidel plans to break ground as soon as possible.