Customers at one credit union denied access with debit card

Customers of one area credit union didn't know whether to be angry or scared. Saturday, they lost the ability to use debit cards or any automated teller machine. The problem started in a data center in Lenexa, Kansas.

Sonya, Purvis, Senior Vice President and chief marketing and development officer at Mutual Savings Credit Union said the shutdown was "unexpected." MSCU was one of 30 credit unions across the country that experienced the same system failure because of the situation at the facility in Kansas.

Mutual Savings Credit Union is leaving the data center in Kansas, however, customers need to be aware that for five days starting August 1, they will not be able to access their financial accounts through debit cards. MSCU is making every effort{}during the month of July to make each customer aware of the situation and to plan accordingly. Customers will still be able to write checks, but, if cash is needed, the credit union is advising customers to plan to take out money ahead of time.