Darlene's Pecan Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Icing

If you have a favorite basic rolldough, you can use that one. If you would rather, you can also use frozen breaddough - just follow the directions on the package for thawing and for the firstrise. Then follow my recipe to roll, fill, bake and frost.


    **Ifyou don't use a stand mixer, it's okay. Use a hand mixer or just a sturdywooden spoon and a big bowl will do**

    Inyour bowl (mixer or other), put 1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) either all-vegetableSHORTENING or BUTTER, 1/4 cup SUGAR and 1 teaspoon SALT. Scald 1 cup MILK and addto the bowl. *You can tell when the milk is "scalded" by the ring of smallishbubbles that appear around the top of the milk. It is just before it starts toboil. I do this in the microwave. In mine it takes about 90 seconds*

    Afteryou have those 4 ingredients in your bowl, let it cool to lukewarm. While youare waiting on it to cool, sift 4 cups of UNBLEACHED all-purpose or UNBLEACHEDbread FLOUR into a separate bowl and set by your warm mixture. Soften 2 1/4teaspoons YEAST in 1/4 cup warm WATER (not hot! you'll kill the yeast if it's toohot!) It doesn't take long for the yeast to softenjust a couple of minutes.Crack one EGG into a small bowl and set beside the rest of your ingredients.

    Nowyou are ready to put it all together.

    Ifyou are using a mixer, set to lowest setting and pour in 1 cup of the flour,turn mixer to next speed and mix well. If you are doing it by hand with aspoon, stir until almost smooth. Next, add the egg and the softened yeast andcontinue to mix well, until smooth. Continue to add enough flour to make asoft, not sticky, dough. Knead in mixer (using dough hook) until no lumps(about 3-4 minutes). To knead by hand, empty the (not too sticky) dough onto afloured surface and add enough flour to knead until smooth (about 5-10minutes). You will use approximately 4 to 4 1/2 cups flour in total.

    Greasea large bowl on the bottom and all sides. Place the dough in the bowl, turninguntil all sides of the dough are greased. Cover with a clean, dry cloth and letrise until double (between 45 & 60 minutes, depending on the type of yeastyou use and the temperature of your kitchen). **This dough can also berefrigerated at this point if you plan to use it later. It will keep up to 3 daysin the fridge. If you are putting it in the fridge, cover with the cloth, thenalso completely cover the bowl with plastic wrap on top of that. When you takeit out of the fridge, let it "warm up" on the counter for about 30 minutesbefore working with it**

    Afterdough rises, punch it down, shape into a ball and cut into 2 equal(ish) parts.Don't worry if they are not exact! You are doing this homemade and it's allgood! You can roll both out into Pecan Cinnamon Rolls or use the other half forplain rolls.

    Okay.Ready to roll! On a lightly floured surface, roll out one of the pieces ofdough into a rectangle that is approximately 16" x 12" ish. Mine is NEVER thesame every time. It's okay! Just make it rectangle. On the rectangle of dough,spread about 3 Tablespoons melted BUTTER.{}On top of that sprinkle about 3-4 Tablespoons SUGAR, then, sprinkle onCINNAMON (about a TablespoonI use a lot, maybe more than that). Over all that,sprinkle 1/2 cup chopped PECANS.

    Beginningat the long side of the dough, roll somewhat tightly until it looks like ajellyroll. Pinch the loose seams together to keep it from unrolling duringslicing and baking. Cut into 1" to 1 1/2 " slices. Place cut side down in abuttered shallow pan (I use a pie plate at home and round cake pans for themarket). Cover and let rise until double (about 30-45 minutes). Bake in apreheated 350* oven for 20-25 minutes. Drizzle with Maple Icing. Enjoy!


    Foreach dozen/pan of Pecan Cinnamon Rolls: Mix 1 cup POWDERED SUGAR with 1Teaspoon VANILLA FLAVORING and enough MILK to get it to the consistency to stir(between 2-4 Tablespoons or maybe less). It will still be a little thick. Add3-4 Tablespoons pure MAPLE SYRUP and 1 Tablespoon melted BUTTER. ADD THE BUTTERLAST AND MAKE SURE IT IS STILL WARM. Now, test the icing to see if it is theright consistency to drizzle. You may need to add more powdered sugar or moremilk. If you want to spread the icing, make it thick.


    Youcan do this!! If you have issues with getting started or have questions, emailme at can walk you through it JYour family will be so excited when you make these for them!

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