Dave's Pizza in Homewood to reopen in January

According to theDave's Pizza facebook page, the popular Homewood pizza joint may reopen in January.

From facebook:

ATTENTION:Public Service Announcement; Dave's Pizza is set to RE-OPEN Mid-January(hopefully). We've taken a few days to kinda sit back, relax and gather ourthoughts. We can't begin to tell you how needed the time off was; but now,we're{}back at it!{}We intend to spend the next coupla weeks CLEANINGthe heck outta this place, no MAJOR renovations or anything, just about 19years worth of spring cleaning. Dave instilled into everyone that he employedto have a GREAT work ethic, well that or....go find a job somewhere else. Wedon't really do well sitting around.{}Our staff is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, seeing as how wedon't have any revenue coming in we've recognized other areas of the restaurantthat we can apply a little TLC to.SO...again, We plan to reopen next month. PLEASEDON'T FIND A NEW FAVORITE PIZZA JOINT, WE'RE STILL YOURS!!!Stay tuned for updates! Thanks guys all the wellwishes played a HUGE roll in a VERY tough decision that i had to make.With love and adoration to each and every one ofour customers.Your Friend,{}-brett