Day labor job searches banned at Hoover apartments

Poor living conditions and no chance of finding work - that's what brought out 100 protesters in Hoover. Hispanic workers - looking for day labor say they were evicted because they used their apartment property grounds to wait for work.{}"The workers have said that the problem is they try to look for work here in this area right in front of their apartments and they are told by the management that they have no right to look for work," Nadia Marin-Molina, National Day Laborer Organizing Network said.Not only do protesters feel they're being denied a chance to work but some say they've been denied a place to live. Residents tell us, the battle with management {}started after they held a meeting at the pool area of their apartment complex about day labor.

"The day after that meeting, the police said they could, that they had the right to hold that meeting and the next day, several of the people who had called the meeting received eviction notices," Victor Spezzini, HICA said.Sabador Gonzalez is one of them...{}"I have no where to live, and no way to support my family," Sabador Gonzalez, who lived in the Lorna Place Apartments said. "We're looking for the opportunity to stand over here and get a job."For others, the living conditions there brought them to the rally.{}"The ceiling is falling down," Eledai Castellanos, a protester said. "They have leaks, it floods the kitchens and living rooms. There are spiders and insects inside. It's un human." Residents gave ABC 33/40 a look inside. They showed us fallen ceilings, mildew, and plenty of insects."We've had problems with insects, we complained about it, they sprayed and it didn't do any good," Kenneth McDaniel, who lives in the complex said. "It's just poorly kept."

The Lincoln Properties Management group who owns the Lorna Place Apartments offered this statement:{}

"Providing asafe community for all our residents requires that we restrict traffic on theproperty to residents and their guests.{}Having people congregate on the property to attract individuals seekingday workers generates additional traffic, inhibits access and egress from ourcommunity. Additionally, this excess traffic brings strangers on to theproperty to the detriment of the safety of our residents.{} While we sympathize with those seeking work, the apartment community is not an appropriate venue forthis type of activity."