Days left in Legislative Session, work remains undone

Loaded guns, abortion, marijuana oil, teacher pay and funding for prisons are just a few issues expected to dominate conversation in Montgomery this week. The session is coming to a close, and budgets still aren't passed.

The race is now on to get bills passed through the House and Senate. The House and Senate will reconvene Tuesday.

A House committee will take up Carly's Law. The bill would allow UAB to conduct a five year study and prescribe CBD oil from the marijuana plant to help with seizure disorders. It passed the Senate with no opposition last week.

State representatives are also expected to debate the nearly two billion dollar education budget. The most recent version doesn't give teachers a pay bump but more funding is set aside for education employees insurance. That's different from one approved by senators. It gave teachers a bonus. The governor has said he won't sign a budget that doesn't give more money to health insurance and a two percent raise for teachers.

Wednesday, a Senate committee will consider the general fund budget taking a close look at funding for the overcrowded prison system.

A Senate committee is also expected to take action on three abortion bills, including one to ban the procedure after a fetal heartbeat is detected. The bills have already cleared the House.

The House convenes Tuesday at 1 p.m..

The Senate convenes at 2 p.m..