Dead cows rotting in lake near Coosa River in St. Clair County

A dead cow can be seen floating in Neely Henry Lake in St. Clair County, Friday, April 4, 2014. (

Rotting animal carcasses are causing concern in St. Clair County. {}People living on Neely Henry Lake say they don't know how the dead cows ended up in the water and no one seems to know who's responsible for clean-up. Three cows have been rotting in the middle of that busy lake for nearly three weeks."I've never seen nothing like this before," Ron Drake, who lives near Lake Neely Henry said.{}A beloved fishing area, swimming spot, and home to many - now wreaking with the smell of death. Ron Drake lives just behind where the cows - and calf- lay in the water."Very bad," he told us. "People come out here and fish, I come out here and bring my grand kids out here and fish, and people do eat the fish out here."For Albert Huey, Jr. {}It's nearly brought business at his marina to a halt."I don't have any today," Huey said. "Everyone that comes up, leaves. That's my business. Fishermen."{}People here say they don't know where the cows came from and owners haven't come forward. The top concern - how did the cows die and is it contaminating the water?{}"The stench - with the heat the way it has been - I work a quarter of a mile up the road from here and I can actually look at Henry Lake where I'm at," Drake said. "The smell got so bad yesterday the customers were asking what the smell was."So far no one seems to know who's responsible for cleaning up the carcasses.{}"I think it's a health hazard," Huey said.Here's what we found" St. Clair County Sheriff's Office told us it's Alabama Power's property and it's their responsibility. Alabama Power says it's up to the county to handle."A lot of people eat the fish from this lake and that's the main worry right now, they don't know what caused their death," Drake said. "Were they drowned or were they poisoned or were they shot? Nobody knows."