Deadline nears for Center Point storm debris removal

Many people are still working hard to remove debris caused by the intense January 2012 storm. But Center Point City Council wants to take that responsibility off your hands and into their hands.

Center Point Mayor Tom Henderson is urging residents to sign a request for storm debris form. That's because Friday, October 25th, will be the last day for residents to sign the form to allow city workers on their property to remove fallen trees and stumps left by the deadly storm for free.

"It helps clean up the city and it helps the citizens get rid of things that they can't possibly get rid of themselves," says Henderson.

Center Point city council approved an additional $60,000 for 2012 tornado debris removal following $50,000 the city voted for in July.

You can pick up the forms from Center Point City Hall at 2209 Center Point Pkwy, Center Point, AL.