Investigators puzzled over mysterious death of 55-year-old bicyclist

{}{} The death of a bicyclist found on a busy Tuscaloosa Highway has investigators puzzled.{} They say it doesn't appear he was hit by a car.

{}{}{} Police are hoping someone saw what happened to 55 year old Robert Kenneth Snow.

{}{}{} Just after midnight, Tuesday morning...a driver passing on Skyland Boulevard near Palisades Drive found Snow lying in the road with his bicycle.{} Snow was unconscious and died a short time later at DCH Hospital.

{}{} Investigators say Snow suffered a serious injury but they have no idea what caused it at this point.{} There were no apparent signs of foul play.{} Police also say Snow's injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car, including his bicycle.

{}{} "We are trying to determine what may have caused those injuries.{} And we can't rule out that he didn't get those injuries somewhere else and managed to make it to that point.{} Until an autopsy is done and we can get some of those things -- there's still a lot of questions," said Homicide chief, Sgt. Dale Phillips.

{}{}{} An autopsy will be performed on Snow's body Wednesday.

{}{}{} Its unclear{} why Snow was out riding a bike that time of night.{}{} Police say he lived less than a mile from where he was found.{} He has little family so police say they{}don't know a lot about Snow.

{}{}{} Anyone with information on what happened to Snow is asked to call Tuscaloosa Police.