Democratic Candidate drops out of District 6 race against Gary Palmer; Democrats remain optimistic

{}As of right now, Gary Palmer has no opposition for the general election. His Democratic opponent, Avery Vise, dropped out of the race. The party has just two weeks to name a replacement.{}{} Democratic leaders remain optimistic they will find someone to run against Palmer.{}{} But, the party has other problems headed into November.For example, the appeals process underway for the Smoot-Brown Jefferson County Commission Race."Sometimes, a little controversy causes people to perk up and listen," said Nancy Worley, chair of the Alabama Democratic Party. "And I believe that when we have these appeals and these controversies, it's sometimes healthy for the party because it does cause people to say- now what's this about?" Right now, it's about finding a Democrat to run against Republican nominee Gary Palmer in the District Six Congressional Race.In a letter to the Democratic Party, Vise wrote: "My very small business has been fortunate to take on increasingly challenging projects and obligations, making it difficult to campaign.""I think you often see that in political races," continued Worley. "Parties and candidates will seek place holders to qualify for a race and then if that person drops out, there's someone else." The letter also states, "I knew that I stood practically no chance of winning in the heavily Republican 6th district; I ran to give voters another point of view.""Keep in mind; this is the most gerrymandered district in the country," said Richard Mauk, Chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party. "This is one of the top Republican districts there are and we think we need to be competitive in it to let our ideas go out."Despite the vacancy and the pending appeal in commission district two, Mauk believes his party will be strong come November fourth."Democrats always join back together," said Mauk. "We have our fights. We have our family fights but we will come back together. We will be victorious in Jefferson County."If you're interested to be the Democratic nominee in District 6, you must contact the state party by Tuesday. There will be an executive committee meeting August 16th.That's when they will choose the candidate.{}{}{}{}