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      Deputies in Etowah County arrest three women for chemical endangerment

      {}The Etowah County sheriff's office arrested three women for chemical endangerment of a child. Investigators charged 28-year-old Ashton Lauren Wood, 25-year-old Jessica Amber Abner and 24-year-old Keeley Elizabeth McCain. Sheriff's Office Deputy Jeremy Lasseter say Wood and her baby both tested positive for amphetamines following the baby's birth. Her bond is set at $10,000. Wood will be supervised by Community corrections and must comply with DHR requirements. She will not be allowed to make bond until she gives a negative drug test.Lasseter say Abner and her baby both tested positive for cocaine. Her bond is set at $10,000. She must enroll at the court referral office and complete their drug program.Lasseter says McCain admitted to using and tested positive for crystal methamphetamine during her pregnancy. Her bond is set at $5,000. She will be supervised by the Community Corrections.Sheriff Entrekin states, "In this county, we will continue to protect those innocent lives that cannot yet protect themselves.{} Pregnant women will be arrested for endangering their child's life.{} If they have not received this message yet, they will soon find out."All three cases are also being worked by the Alabama Department of Human Resources in Etowah County.