Deputies presence ease fears at county schools

{}{}{} After hearing more and more about the Elementary School massacre in Connecticut over the weekend, some Tuscaloosa parents like Scott Macey dreaded bringing his son to school Monday morning.{} "I came and got mine on Friday at 1pm because I was just worried."

{}{}{} The Sheriff's Office received lots of calls from worried parents over the weekend.{} That's why at every Tuscaloosa County Elementary School a deputy greeted students as they got out of the car or stepped off the bus.{} "It scared me for a second but I'm glad to see it because people seem to be getting a little more crazier nowadays," added Macey.

{}{}{}{} You could even tell students seem more relaxed as they{}passed by the deputy while{}entering Maxwell Elementary.{} Principal Connie Cooley said, "Its a comfort to me, myself as well as my faculty."

{}{}{} The deputies remained at their assigned school throughout the day.

{}{}{} Tuscaloosa City Schools did not have any extra security on hand.{} However, each individual school did take time to review its security plans.