Deputies search for lawyer accused of slicing his dog's throat

A Jefferson County man has been charged with animal cruelty after a five month investigation into the death of his dog.

James Robinson lived on Caldwell Mill Road when he called 911 - saying his estranged wife killed their dog. Investigators now say that was a lie. Robinson is accused of slicing the throat of his American Staffordshire Terrier, Rufus. Jefferson County deputies along with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sent the remains to the University of Florida for a forensic analysis. They found that Robinson had slit the dog's throat and sent pictures to his wife during the divorce.{}"It's shocking first of all, to do something to an animal especially when it was yours," Terri Mundy, a neighbor said."It's really the unspeakable," Chief Deputy Randy Christian, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said. "Anyone in our society who has ever had a pet, knows the affection and loyalty and love that animal shows to a family."{}John Stewart Robinson is the center of what many are calling a horrific animal cruelty case. {}Deputies tell us, his American Staffordshire Terrior, "Rufus," was part of a dispute this past Summer, between Robinson and his wife as they divorced. In fact, he even threatened her saying she's next."To think that someone could cut the throat of the very pet that would probably protect you with their own life is something that just doesn't fit in our society," Christian said.Animal Control responded to rescue another dog from the scene their second family pet."A man who is capable of doing something like that to his own animal is probably capable of doing a lot more harm to the general public," Richard Burgess, BJC Animal Control said. "That's just a very cold blooded thing to do."Deputies arrived at their former house on Caldwell Mill Road just after we did, Tuesday afternoon. {}They came to search for him, but learned a new family is now living there.Neighbors tell us, the story is simply heartbreaking."That's surprising to hear anywhere that someone would do something that extreme and viscous," John Burgess, a neighbor said."I think when you're going through something like that, it brings out the worst of the human condition through fear, or revenge and I think you can do things that you normally weren't capable of doing," Mundy said.Deputies are now searching for Robinson. He's charged with a Class C felony - with a penalty of one to ten years.{}