Deputies use Facebook to track down Open House Party suspect

Steven Carroll of Mulga faces a charge of allowing an open house party after several minors were found to be in possession of alcohol.

The party was originally planned for Saturday night in a field near the town of West Jefferson and include teens from Corner, Oak Grove and Corner High Schools and was advertised on Carroll's Facebook page. The Facebook posts said that there would be beer, kegs, and jell-o shots.

After a concerned parent informed the Sheriff's Office of the planned party, several deputies went to the area to prevent it.

When word got out to the party goers that deputies were in the area, they moved the party. Deputies then went to Facebook for an update, where they found that it had been moved to the suspect's home.

When deputies arrived, they found over 300 people, including around 100 minors. Several of the teens were either drinking or in possession of alcohol.

A warrant was issued Tuesday for Steven Carroll for allowing an open house party. Alabama law prohibits house parties where alcohol or controlled substances are being illegally consumed or possessed by minors and the adult in charge of the party knows it and takes no reasonable action to prevent it.