Developer scraps controversial apartment plans

{}{}{} Well known Developer, Stan Pate has scrapped his plans for 600 to 800 bed apartment complex off Hargrove Road near the Arlington community.

{}{}{} Pate faced heated opposition with residents in the area who insisted proposal was far to dense for the area.{} Many claimed it would tripple the traffic and area is not made to handle it.

{}{}{} Others say it would take away the closeness of the small community where many have lived almost 30 years.

{}{}{} The two sides met earlier in the year at the request of city council to try and find common ground , but there was not progress.

{}{}{}{} The track of land where the student geared apartments would go was under the auspices of the Tuscaloosa Forward plan, which would have banned Pate's proposal to begin.{} However, city planners removed the property from Tuscaloosa Forward -- but residents argued it should be placed back.

{}{}{} although, Pate had withdrawn his petition to have the area rezoned to accommodate the 275 units, city council went ahead and discussed the matter thought the no official vote was taken.

{}{}{} Pate called the 'Tuscaloosa Forward' plan "liberalism from city hall to try and tell property owners since the storm what they can and can't do with their property."{} However, Pate declined an on camera interview

{}{} Pate had contracted the land out from its owners.{} We're told it{} will be turned into a mobile home park as it was before.