Diamonds fall in West Alabama yard

The Weeks family was truly 'weak' after finding a treasure that fell in their yard in Winfield earlier this month.On July 6, Brenton Weeks and his younger brother noticed what appeared to be balloons in an uncut field of their yard.{}{} The ignored them a few days.{}"On Monday me and my brother got in the golf cart and went and got the balloons. And I noticed something sparkling on the end of them," said Weeks.

Apparently, a set of Diamond Wedding Bands were tied to the string of the balloons. "My mom took them to the jewelry story later that week and turned out they were real diamonds."Of course, the family has no idea where the balloons and rings came from. "Maybe they were from a proposal gone wrong...{laughing}...a proposal gone wrong?...yeah, we don't know really."

The family sought help from Winfield's Police Chief to find out who the rings belong to.{} We don't know the exact value of the rings.{} Police guess that given the hot weather of recent days - the balloons could have drifted in from another state.{} However, curious minds want to know why?{} But, that is a mystery police are not typically charged with solving. "To me it's better to say there was a ceremony where the wind took the rings rather than someone setting them free saying they're no longer needed. I hope it's the first and not the second. But, in any case somebody might want to know where they ended up," said Chief Robert Blaylock.

Neither Police or the family are showing the rings because they have some distinct features and they believe when and if the true owners come forward they'll be able to identify them.

Anyone who thinks the rings are theirs should call Winfield Police at 205-487-4333.

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