Did Carver Memorial Gardens follow state guidelines?

Public outcry over the Carver Memorial Gardens in Birmingham has lead to new revelations.

The cemetery closed without notice about three weeks ago. But an investigation could be underway.

The Alabama Department of Insurance regulates cemeteries. According to state law, cemeteries that provide pre-need insurance must hold a certificate. And cemeteries are also required to hold an endowment trust fund for maintenance.

Mark Fowler, a spokesperson for the agency, tells ABC 33/40 there is no record on file that Carver Memorial Gardens followed either guideline since they both{}took effect in 2002.

Fred Garfield, an attorney for cemetery owner Louie Reese, says they are in talks of re-opening the cemetery under new ownership. As for the state guidelines, Garfield says the cemetery holds a trust fund with a bank but perhaps the owner didn't file that information with the state.

Relatives of loved ones at the cemetery are asked to send complaints and documentation of purchases at the cemetery to the State Department of Insurance: