Digital currency comes to the Magic City

How you pay at the store or online is changing. {}The virtual currency 'Bitcoin' is growing in popularity. {} It replaces cash with digits and you can buy just about anything. {}The digital currency is being used to buy everything from art, to flights, even cars and most recently groceries right here in Birmingham. {}"Freshfully," a market known for it's locally grown foods and products, is of the first in the Magic City to hop on board."It's generated a lot of interest and buzz," Jen Barnett, CEO, Freshfully said."Freshfully," an Avondale grocer added this payment option to it's menu.{}"We want to make our food available no matter how you want to pay for it or shop!" Barnett said.For Freshfully, it's like buying something with Paypal - the transactions are matched dollars to Bitcoin. {}But, for those who operate within Bitcoin's market, {}the value per Bitcoin changes - meaning a user could make interest. {}When you have a Bitcoin account, you have an online wallet. With your wallet, you can pay for services or products transferring the currency to the seller's wallet by-passing the banks."You just use the coupon code, Bitcoin just like you might use a coupon code on Amazon," Barnett said. "It makes your transaction total zero, then we email you a payment request just like if you were to use Paypal.""It's great to have an option and with this being a cutting edge thing, I think Freshfully is a great place to pilot that," Lindsey Elmore, a customer said.The perk is that it cuts down on credit card fees but is also untraceable.{}"I think some people are still confused about Bitcoins - what they are and what they mean and even after you've read a lot you have to be a pretty savvy economist or programmer to really understand what they mean," Barnett said."It might be something that I might want to try at some point in the future just as a fun experiment like hey how does this work?" Elmore said.J.P. Morgan is also tapping into digital currency. It's system could include {}the ability to make anonymous electronic payments over the Internet. {}It would also get rid of having to fill out forms with personal information while you're shopping online.